In-Situ Chemical Cleaning

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In-Situ Chemical Cleaning


Method of cleaning using inhouse circulation pump together with customized chemical. This system is designed to cater oversized process equipment and underground pipeline/unpiggable pipelines.

Adastream Services | In-Situ Chemical Cleaning

Prior to conducting In-Situ Chemical Cleaning process, a comprehensive understanding of the cleaning equipment/part will be undertaken.

  • Characterization and estimation of foulant volume
  • Compatibility of chemical with the foulant
  • Compatibility of chemical with metallurgy of cleaning equipment/part
  • Safety during operation
  • Waste Disposal Management
Adastream Services | In-Situ Chemical Cleaning

Typical Application:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Re-Boiler Unit
  • Fan Cooler
  • Offline Pipeline / Flowlines